Today I have spent a majority of my time researching PTSD, the VA, available resources, anything I can get my hands on.  Unfortunately, a lot of the information is redundant, and there are so many broken links on the VA website, go figure.I also decided to make sort of a caregiver bible, with all the pamphlets, appointment slips, medication listing, resources, contact information, and most importantly, I am going to start documenting every time I call the VA, who I have spoken to, and what information they have given me. People in this agency need to start being held accountable, and for those who actually do their jobs and care about the veterans, commended for their compassion and hard work. There’s nothing else I can do to help my veteran right now other than be here for him.  We are waiting to be able to call this mystery person the crisis hotline has given us the number to, tomorrow. In the meantime, I have decided to write to our local senator and congressman, enlightening them on what the process is really like for a transitioning soldier with PTSD. Maybe I will hear back from them, but I won’t hold my breath.